HUT has a fantastic range of partnerships for the corporate—from the sponsor a child, feed the children program, build a classroom; to long-time educational supports to children; to building school for the AIDS affected children. There are many ways to support HUT’s work through your company!

The first step is to determine what type of partnership is the best fit for your company.

  • Fundraising Events and CrowdRise Campaigns
  • Employee Engagement
  • Customer Engagement
  • Product Sales

Perhaps the easiest way to get involved with HUT India is hosting your own company events, races, contests, feasts, and/or creative online campaigns. This is a wonderful way to show the company’s commitment to the global AIDS children crisis and commitment to a better world, while building awareness among clients, customers, and your extended network. We’ve seen corporate partners host some incredible events—and the pride, team effort, and collective wins for the cause are exciting reasons for every company (and its clients and customers) to celebrate.

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HUT India has a Workplace Giving program available to companies interested in enhancing their employee engagement. The program includes opportunities for:

Payroll Giving

Employees to opt in to donate a portion of each paycheck to go to HUT India; to feeding the orphan children program or supporting their education; for many, this option aligns well with the aspirations of the employees, as well as the sustainability practices of the company. Furthermore, when the company commits to matching funds raised by staff, there is an element of solidarity that comes from supporting a cause, together.

Workplace Giving Events

Host events for colleagues and clients, as a way to educate peers about the AIDS children’s crisis, their education and HUT India’s work. This is a great way for employees to break out of their day-to-day roles by enhancing the sense of community and playing a part in social change—plus, friendly competitions to raise funds are always a big hit.

Community Outreach

Participate in community races, committee events, and fundraising campaigns to raise funds for HUT India. Similar to the private events, these public-facing options allow the company and the employees to amplify their advocacy efforts and get their community involved in putting an end to the plight of the AIDS children. 

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Collaborative events, marketing initiatives, and digital campaigns are an excellent way to set your company apart in your field. Cause marketing is often used to demonstrate a company’s commitment to global challenges, as well as to give even more compelling reasons for customers to connect with your brand. For more information please Contact Us

Commercial Co-Venture

For any portion of product sales to be donated to HUT India and the house of hope home for HIV Children, the company can brand the product they sell with a component that some percentage of the proceeds go to House of hope.

Sponsorship through Product Sales

For companies who are interested in showing their support of HUT India, the best options are to build awareness and raise funds through your employee engagement, fundraising events, and Crowdrise campaigns. If you choose to mention your support of HUT India on your website, social media, or in your store, you can:

  • Declare the company to be a “Proud Sponsor of HUT India” (with a link to our website).
  • Declare that the company gives “$XYZ per year in support of HUT India” (with a link to our website).
  • Declare that a “Portion of these sales goes to provide sustainable solutions for feeding or educating the AIDS or Dalit children”

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