A major gift is a creative act - an opportunity for a donor to transform an institution or catalyze a new stage of growth for an organization.

In addition to specific, named funds, there are numerous room, program and center naming opportunities available throughout our Home for the HIV children and the HUT Rural school program , starting at $10,000 (8000€).  A permanent naming opportunity is a wonderful way to leave your legacy at ‘House of hope home’ or the HUT Rural school, honor your beloved family member or your company in a truly significant way. ‘Benjamine Oberoi Smart classroom’ and ‘Jack and Brigid learning Centre’   are examples of Individuals making an extraordinary gift and re-branding an entire schooling program at the HUT Rural School.

To pledge please click here. We can supply more information or photos of any of these locations, or we can develop a formal proposal for you, upon request. (Contact donate @hutindia.org)

If the fairest features of the landscape are to be named after [humans], let them be the noblest and worthiest [humans] alone.

Henry David Thoreau