Education is personalised to every student's talent, passion, and learning potential. Creativity is embedded in every lesson plan of the Kindergarten learning center of our school. 

The kindergarten children’s curriculum is thickly weaved around art. We introduce new concepts in musical form and encourage students to create plays, construct models, move their bodies, draw pictures, and colour using various colours of their choices.

We use music, role play, drawing, drama and clay art, as teaching-learning methodology, not only because it engages and motivates children, but nurtures imagination, creativity and innovation and provides opportunity for divergent thinking – the ability to see lots of possible way to interpret or solve a problem.

We employ different methods of teaching, expressing and learning for different kids, as every child is unique and learns in a different way.

Special care for reading and handwriting is taken for primary students. Slow readers are identified by reading tests and special, after-hours coaching classes are conducted for them.

In addition, teachers involve weaker students in activity-based learning during regular hours. Based on the learning abilities, brighter students are given appropriate extra reading assignments and slow learners are provided with simplified learning materials.