About Manachanallur

Manachanallur is home to nearly a hundred thousand disadvantaged Dalit communities, who earn their livelihood as agricultural coolies and bonded labours. 90% of the children in our school come from these Dalit families.

Parents of most of these children are street sweepers, cobblers, agricultural workers, manual scavengers and unskilled labors. Remaining few work as daily-wage laborers in the local rice factories.

Statistics from our school’s parent profiling showed

  • 84% of the parents are uneducated or have undertaken only primary schooling.
  • Only less than 3% of our students come from a family of graduates.
  • 47% of the children come from the families who have an average monthly income of $20 USD.
  • Only 4% of the parent earn more than $60 per month.

Though the government has formulated many policies, these communities remain ignorant such policies due to inaccessibility, illiteracy and discrimination due to caste system. We strongly believe, education is the only tool that would empower them to access their basic rights and utilize the government policies. By educating these families, HUT is leveraging a reformation process for social development.