HUT Rural School for Dalit Children

The school for the Dalit children is situated in Mannachanallur, a medium village with a population of 30,000 people. It is surrounded by nearly 100 vilage hamlets which is our target operating area. The villages constitute nearly more than one hundred thousand Dalit population. This place is 15 miles from Trichirappalli a famous town in South India. Official statistics show an average literacy rate of 76%, in Manachanallur (meaning they can only read and write). However in reality the figure is as low as 51.4% (a statistics of a local women group)

House of Hope Shelter for HIV Children

This shelter is situated in Perambalur a village 35 miles from Trichirappalli. The village has a population of 35,000 and a literacy rate of 74.32. It is the most backward village in Tamilnadu in all aspects either literacy rate or GDP. The major occupation here is agriculture and mining. It comprises of more than 90% of Dalit population.

The house of hope shelter is providing services to the HIV children from six districts nearby.